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    Hot 2022 New Left and Right Hand Interchangeable Dental Chairs


    Product originChina

    Delivery timewithin 3 days

    Supply capacity1000units/week

    1. New popular type 2022
    2. 180 degree rotating side box, easy for four-hand operation
    3. Strong chair frame, more stable
    4. DYM patented oral lamp
    5.Can be used by dentists’ left and right hands
    6.Two water bottles for the dental chairs



    dental chairs

    Hot 2022 New Left and Right Hand Interchangeable Dental Chairs

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    1. 6 Hole LED oral lamp with mirror

    2. Intelligent induction water supply system, which can automatically sense quantitatice water supply

    3. Multi-function foot pedal, control the water, air and oral lamp ON/OFF

    4. Stainless steel handpiece spiral connector

    5. USB charging connetor,it is convenient for customers to charge their mobile phones at any time

    6. DYM patented oral lamp and headset

    dental units

    dental chairs

    DYM patented oral lamp

    Intelligent sensor anti-resin curing oral lamp is our patent product. Tradition curing light will fast-curring resin so that it will be detrimental to operation by dentist. When dentist use curing light, our oral lamp can anti-resin curing, dentist have more time to operation. Up to now, the experiment has verified the induction switch 150.000 times, the induction has no attenuation, the light source has no dead breads, and the electronics have no faults.

    1.Color rendering index more than90

    2.Six-speed adjustable illuminance, MAX 30000, min 5000

    3.In the anti-curing mode, the color rendering index can still reach more than 90

    DYM patented headset

    The Headrest is a patent product adopting ergonomic theory.The design is comfort, functional and user-friendly sytems and 90′ roattion adjustment.Ventilate freely to prevent the patient sweat when lay long time in the headrest

    Product parameters
    Model Number A9-2022
    Voltage 110V-240V,50HZ/60HZ
    Air Pressure 0.55MPA
    Water Pressure 0.2MPA-0.4MPA
    Color Many Colors Optional
    Cushion Material Rotatable Ceramic
    Postion Memory 9
    Armrest Double
    Packing Size 140*103*117cm
    Net Weight 185KG
    Gross Weight 250KG
    Standard Configuration (2022 A9)
    The machine color(Beige Color) Spray Painted Chair Frame
    Assistant Operationg Control System Acid and Alkali Resistant Water Pipes
    Handpiece Air Control System Water Suction Tube
    Standard X-film Viewer Water Puried System
    Urgency Safety Switch On/Off Microfiber Leather Cushion
    Auto Spittoon Flush and Cup Filler Control System Removable Rotating Spittoon
    Luxurious Multi-function Foot Switch LED Sensor Oral Lamp(6 hole)
    Nine Chair-positions Memory Double Armrest
    Dentist Stool Compensation Function Chair Frame
    Interlock Motor (Denmark)
    Resistance Protection Function Automatically Sensor Water Supply

    1.Basic Technical Parameters of the Whole Machine

    1.1 Rated voltage: AC AC220-240V

    1.2 Frequency: 50Hz, Input power: 800VA

    1.3 Air supply pressure range: 0.55—0.8Mpa, flow rate>50L/min

    1.4 The pressure range of water source: 0.2—0.4Mpa, and the flow rate: ≥2.5L/min

    1.5 Ambient temperature: 10°C-40°C, relative humidity: 30% – 80%

    2.Intelligent Induction Anti-resin Curing Dental Light

    ★2.1 6-hole intelligent digital sensor LED light, yellow light/white light/mixed light conversion, induction stepless dimming, light anti-vertigo design, professional eye protection

    ★2.2 Lighting intensity 8000-30000 LUX; color rendering index Ra>90

    2.3 Color temperature 4200-5200K (three adjustments)

    2.4 The power supply is AC 12-24V

    3. Intelligent Control System

    ★3.1 Slow start and slow stop system: comfortable and stable, stable operation, no frustration

    ★3.2 Intelligent fault detection system: automatically detect equipment faults when starting up, and send out an alarm if there is a problem

    ★3.3 Intelligent quantitative water supply system, infrared + gravity dual induction, sense the water cup to automatically add water, repeated automatic water addition does not exceed the set water volume, effectively preventing excessive water from overflowing the cup, the cup holder is detachable and easy to clean

    3.4 Emergency brake safety device: equipped with an emergency brake switch, press the brake button to immediately cut off the power, water and air supply of the whole machine

    3.5 Zero accidental one-button water, gas and electric switch to prevent accidents caused by accidental pauses during treatment

    4. Comprehensive Treatment Chair

    ★4.1 The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy integral die-casting to form the backrest bending plate and the chair frame base, and the high-strength lifting arm has a strong sense of comfort

    ★4.2 Patented hollow headrest: it can better support the patient’s head and is not easy to shake. More breathable, long-term treatment without sweating

    ★4.3 The base is made of high-strength 12mm thick A3 cold-rolled steel plate, which is durable

    ★4.4 Multi-purpose dental chair: 38CM ultra-low chair position, convenient for people with disabilities to sit, easy to clean PE footrest

    4.5 Cushion length: 122cm, the widest part of the cushion: 61cm, backrest height: 35cm, the widest part of the backrest: 61.5cm

    4.6 While the integrated metal endoscope bracket increases the aesthetics, the overall structure is stronger and more durable

    4.7 The design of double armrests is convenient for supporting both hands, and one of the armrests can be rotated 180°, which is convenient for the elderly or patients with limited mobility to get on and off the dental chair

    4.8 The seat cushion and backrest are ergonomically designed to make patients feel more relaxed during treatment and eliminate patients’ fear

    ★4.9 The seat cushion is made of environmentally friendly microfiber leather, which is soft, breathable, and has good biocompatibility with human skin and wear resistance, sharp objects scratch the leather surface without leaving obvious marks, anti-mildew and anti-bacteria, easy to clean and disinfect; fast Detachable backrest for easy maintenance

    ★4.10 Danish brand motor, with slow start and slow stop function, which is safer, and the lifting and lowering of the dental chair is more gentle and comfortable

    4.11 Lifting range of treatment chair: 38cm-74cm

    4.12 The maximum load-bearing range of the seat is ≤200KG

    4.13 Service life: ≥10 years

    5. Instrument Tray

    ★5.1 Bottom-hanging instrument tray: The large-area tool table can place more tools needed for treatment. The handle of the tool tray is designed in a square shape to avoid pulling the doctor’s clothes during use. The stainless steel handle is durable and can be sterilized for safer use

    5.2 Tool table: length: 45cm, width: 29cm

    5.3 The design of the large card position makes it easier to put the handpiece into the hanger, which can effectively prevent the handpiece from crashing

    5.4 Independent water and gas control system double process treatment: two high and one low handpieces are independent three water and gas control systems, which do not interfere with each other. Compared with traditional control systems, the three systems work independently, with uniform load and longer service life

    5.5 Equipped with a three-way syringe with a stainless steel handle, equipped with a detachable high-temperature-resistant and sterilized silicone pad

    5.6 Multi-function button panel, control patient chair movement, sputum flushing water supply, film viewing light, oral light, memory position and other functions

    6. Side Box Body

    ★6.1 The side box can be rotated 180° , fashionable round three-dimensional side box can be transformed into a left-handed dental chair

    6.2 The box shell is made of ABS engineering material, which is beautiful and durable, and keeps the environment inside the machine clean and tidy

    6.3 The connecting head is small in force, light in weight, and strong in stability of the dental chair

    ★6.4 The layout of water, gas and electricity is separated independently, the structure is clear, the side door of the box is easy to open, and it is convenient for maintenance

    6.5 Equipped with a mouthwash heating system, the water temperature is 40°C±5°C; equipped with a water purification system

    6.6 The spittoon can be rotated 90°, which is convenient for patients to spit, and the glass material is detachable for easier cleaning

    6.7 The outlet of the sputum flushing tube is higher than the spittoon, which meets the standards of ISO and the Food and Drug Administration

    6.8 Configure independent strong suction system and weak suction system

    6.9 Double 600ml water storage bottles, thickened bottle mouth design, more durable, enlarged bottle mouth for easy filling of pure water

    ★6.10 Automatic constant temperature water heater with anti-dry function (24V/80W)

    ★6.11 Equipped with high-quality water and gas pipelines, with thicker pipe, excellent resilience, high temperature and high pressure resistance, strong frost resistance, and quick recovery after bending. Excellent resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, effective use for up to eight to ten years

    7. Multifunctional Foot Controller

    7.1 While satisfying the doctor’s long-term continuous work comfort, it incorporates multiple dental chair control functions to reduce the chance of hands being contaminated by touching the device, improve work efficiency

    7.2 Control dental handpiece working status, control independently handpiece water, control seat lift, control backrest to front/back, control oral light switch and control water supply for water cup

    8. Multi-function Assistant Control Panel

    8.1 Configure a three-way syringe with a stainless steel handle, configure a set of strong and weak suction handle

    8.2 Configure the multi-functional assistant control panel, including spittoon control button, water supply control button, treatment chair up and down movement button, treatment chair backrest front and back movement button, mouthwash heating button, oral light switch button

    9. Floor Box

    9.1 Enclosed power supply, clear structure, in accordance with European safety standards, moisture-proof, dust-proof, splash-proof, and electromagnetic interference-proof, exposed wires are in line with human body safety voltage

    9.2 Automatic pressure relief to prolong the life of the pipeline

    9.3 Moisture-proof and splash-proof, anti-electromagnetic interference, improve the durability of the power supply of the whole machine

    9.4 Built-in floor box design, the water, gas and electric unit is connected to the dental chair, hiding all pipelines, clean and hygienic

    10. Doctor Chair

    10.1 Equipped with ergonomically shaped saddle chair, the chair can be adjusted up and down, and the back of the chair can be adjusted forward and backward

    10.2 The casters adopt silent large wheels, which are durable and not easy to break

    10.3 The doctor’s chair lifting range: 490mm-610mm

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